Default Powered By HTML

By default, Viviti will insert the default "Powered By" html directly after the copyright component in your Viviti theme. If you'd like this to be somewhere else, you can put the powered by div wherever you want in your html document.

You can put whatever html you want inside the powered by div. Here's an example of an alternate design for it:

<div id="powered_by">
  <a href="">
    <img width="16" height="16" src="" />
  Powered by
  <a href="">Viviti</a>

It's possible to put the powered by html into your theme directly with your own html. If there is no powered by div in the theme, Viviti will insert this after the copyright component.

Although it is possible to remove the link to Viviti in the powered by html, we humbly ask that you don't, so others can experience Viviti by seeing it on your website.