File Folders

File folders can be used to help keep your uploaded files organized. You can add files to multiple folders if necessary and files can be added or removed from folders at any time.

Where to Find

This area can be found in the "Photos and Media" section of the "Manage Website" area on the Toolbar. File folder management options will be listed in the Manage Folders tab or on the left hand side of the "Photo and Media Manager" screen.

Creating a new Folder

You can create a new folder in two places. From the 'Manage Folders' tab creating a new folder can be done quickly by entering in a folder name and clicking on the "Create Folder" button.


From the left hand side of the "Photo and Media Manager" screen click the "Create a New Folder" button, enter a folder name and click add.

Adding files to a Folder

Individual Files

To add an uploaded file to a folder, simply click and drag the file on top of the folder you wish to place it in.

Multiple Files

To add multiple files to a folder, simply click each file listed in the main file area while holding the ctrl key (on a PC) or the command key (on a Mac), dragging to the folder when ready.


The above image is an example of the appearance of multiple file selection. Note the count of selected files and ability to remove them from the folder at the bottom of the image, and the highlighted current folder for these files.

Removing files from a Folder

To remove a file or files from a collection, simply click on the file (or files using the method described above) listed in the folder and click the Foldericonopen.gif button. It will then revert to the Unsorted categorization or you can drag them to a different folder.

Managing Folders

All current folders will display here for you to manage.


  • Clicking the edit button will allow you to change the folder name.
  • You can create a new folder by clicking on the "Create Folder" button.
  • Clicking the folder name will allow you to view all files within that folder.
  • Clicking on the Deleteicon2.gif button will allow you to delete that folder.

Note: Deleting a folder will not delete the files within it. As a folder is only a means of grouping files, only the group is deleted in this process.

Viewing a Folder

You can view all files within a folder by clicking the folder name in the left column. All files that appear in the main file area are the files associated with that collection.

Clicking on "All Files" in the main file area header will show all uploaded files.

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